New Earth Catering
New Earth Catering provides delicious, nourishing catering for retreats, festivals, weddings and conscious events. Owner/Manager Sun Hyland brings his genuine passion for food to every plate. Organic and Local ingredients are used whenever possible. Menus are inspired by a broad range of influences, with South East Asian, Central American and Mediterranean meeting with Modern Vegetarian and Raw Food to create an array of foods that indulge the senses and nourish the body.
At New Earth Catering we focus on Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Raw foods, with the firm belief that we don’t really need animal products to fulfill our day-to-day dietary requirements- and we can share an amazing, satisfying meal that appeals to all without meat, dairy and eggs. We don’t have to live on Lettuce, Rice and Mung Beans to be healthy- we can still treat ourselves to an incredible range of culinary delights!
We make pretty much everything from scratch. We don’t use things from jars, commercial spice blends and pre-made foods (although we occasionally out-source something to someone we know who can make it better!) New, more sustainable practices are always being introduced in our kitchen, for example this this year we composted over 50% of our organic waste.  And the thing is, we really love making food, and making it well, the way we would like to have it for ourselves and our families.

New Earth Catering caters to events in Melbourne, regional Victoria, and occasionally in Northern NSW. Regular annual clients including Yoga Camp, RMIT Wellness, Men’s Wellbeing and Insight Meditation. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us on newearthcatering@gmail.com

Sun Hyland

Sun Hyland has been working in catering for the past 20 years. Sun has been passionate about food from a young age. Originally working in the management of restaurants, a life-changing festival experience in 1997 saw Sun running a kitchen feeding up to 1000 people.This led him to working as the kitchen manager at Ceres Environment Park and involvement in a variety of other “conscious food” businesses. New Earth Catering was launched in 2010 and since then Sun has solely focused on catering. He has also hosted many cooking classes and demonstrations on Food as Medicine and Vegetarian Cookery, and released his first cookbook “Loving Good Food” in 2015 after a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $18000.

Sun loves cooking and really enjoys looking after people. He is also a musician who regularly plays at yoga and meditation events so don’t be surprised if you hear him singing in the kitchen!